What Precautions should you have to take during Travelling when you are pregnant?

Travelling is one of the crucial activities that is not recommended during the pregnancy. If women is not facing any complications in her pregnancy then they can travel whereas if a women is facing some complications during her pregnancy then it will be strictly advisable to don’t plan and go for travelling. It’s better to avoid travelling during pregnancy but if you can’t for any reason then take precautions. During pregnancy you should be more careful when doing travelling.

Tips for precautions that should be taken when travelling

  • You should not go for travelling after 30-32 weeks of the pregnancy.
  • First go through the medical check-up done, before you proceed for travel. Only if your doctor indicate green signal then you can plan travel.
  • Always wear more light and comfortable clothes cotton is preferable one and your shoes must be more comfortable during travelling so that you can maintain balance when you are walking.
  • Choose a perfect mode of travelling so that you journey is safer, more reliable, and take less time. Airlines are most comfortable journey next one is train you can choose it, then road trips come into list cars are preferable than buses.
  • Keep Attention to wear seat-belts properly, such that you can feel comfortable and you stay safe.
  • If you are travelling by the car then drive slow and try to avoid and slow down on jerks and jolts.
  • Always try to maintain proper distance from the front dashboard so that you can avoid sudden hits and high breaks.
  • Mind this point when you start packing because you should not forget to carry your regular medicines including vitamins tablet prescribed by the doctor and placed it well so that you can easily get them.
  • Don’t try to travel alone. Have a family member along with you who can take care of yours.
  • Don’t forget to have a personal mobile number of your doctor and give to the another person whom with you are travelling so that in any case emergence get arise he can overcome to that.
  • Don’t go in rush just try to avoid heavy crowd and follow the path slowly and carefully.
  • Don’t take stairs so much.
  • Keep your hand clean in order to avoid infections you can carry sanitizer and tissues.
  • Carry a water bottle keep drinking water timely so that de-hydration can be avoided as it creates water-borne infections.
  • Try to avoid public toilets of local places it not may only the cause of infections it may result in a big accident as you can sleep there, try to go somewhere hygiene is well maintained.
  • Keep walking to stretch your body after 1-2 hours in order to maintain blood circulation if you are travelling by car.
  • Keep some healthy and nutrient snacks on the way with you so that you can avoid nausea.