Confirmtkt Version 7.0 – More ways to get confirmed ticket, Voice enabled Train Search and more

Dear ConfirmTkt users,

We have released some exciting updates in latest version. Below is the round up

New Same train alternates will boost confirmation chances for your journey

Originally WL17 -> After alternates- Available

Same train alternates help increase confirmation chances of a route which already has waitlisted train(s) by showing you suggestions

which include booking trains for different combination of stations and then boarding/deboarding at stations of your choice. While there

were already 4 types of same train alternates which gave intelligent suggestions to boost confirmation chances, we have added 2 more

types to give even more options to the user

  1. Overlapping Alternates
    1. For example as shown in the image above,if you are going from Bangalore to Chennai and you are unable to find tickets,
      you can perhaps book from Bangalore to Mukundaraya-Purm and Katpadi to Chennai in the same train and swap seats at Katpadi
  2. Multiple classes alternates
    1. There can be cases where you may not be getting a ticket in the same class all through the journey but may get a confirm tkt if you ,
      for example, change class from CC to 2S mid way through the journey as shown in the image

Voice Search (Beta)

Confirmtkt has just launched Train search via Voice. You will now be able to search for trains by clicking on voice icon on the home screen

of the app and speaking your query. You can for example speak कल बंगलौर से चेन्नई तक की ट्रेनें This is available to some

users already and will be progressively made available to more users progressively as we improve the experience .

Update the app now to checkout the Voice feature

Crossed 25 lakh train tickets booked on the platform

We have launched train ticket bookings on ConfirmTkt in March 2018 and so far we have booked more than 25 lakh train tickets on the platform.
That is equivalent to around Rs 2500000000 worth of bookings. We thank everyone for the support. Congratulations to ConfirmTkt users
for this important milestone. For users who are counting zeros, it is 250 Crore worth of tickets. 🙂

We also had a fun filled FAN Meetup in Bangalore

Expect more Meetups in other cities. You can request one in your city. Mail us at

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Other updates

  1. We have updated prediction model. With higher accuracy you have higher chances of getting a confirmed ticket

  2. You can also book APSRTC bus tickets on ConfirmTkt

  3. You can use your wallet balance now for electricity bill payments also on ConfirmTkt

  4. Please note that our support number is now changed to 08068243910


1. Use code FESTIVAL for minimum 4% off on bus tickets. Also get 300 cashback if you pay with PayPal for the first time
2.​ Zero charges on Train ticket booking for first time users using PayPal.​​

ConfirmTkt team