Introducing Free Cancellation on Train tickets!

Glad to introduce that in latest version 7.2.3 you can opt for free cancellation option.

Get Full Refund on Tatkal Tickets too!!

For the first time ever you can get full refund even on tatkal ticket cancellation. 

Customer need to pay a nominal fee per passenger and can cancel the ticket anytime 4 hours before scheduled departure/chart preparation whichever is earlier and can get full refund.

On cancelling a confirmed tatkal ticket on irctc you will receive zero refund where as on ConfirmTkt you will recieve full refund on opting free cancellation.

Now you dont need to worry about increased cancellation charges.

Example: If you cancel a confirmed ticket 5 hours before your journey on irctc you will lose 50% of fare as cancellation charges. Whereas on ConfirmTkt you will get full amount 

Always choose free cancellation option while booking a ticket and be assured that you will get full refund.

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