COVID-19: Indian Railways Considers Innovative Ideas for Faster Delivery of Goods

With the graph of COVID-19 cases in the nation witnessing a steep incline, everything has come to a standstill. While trains have been cancelled to avoid any further spread of the virus in the country, Indian Railways has been coming up with different ideas to contribute towards fighting with the disease.

Previously, around 20,000 coaches were transformed into isolation wards, looking at the increasing cases of coronavirus in India. Now, in another similar incident, the Indian Railways has come up with innovative ideas to fasten up the delivery process for various items in & around the nation. Indian Railways is continuing to deliver essential goods through its freight services, a few modifications have been made to the plan.

Now, instead of 1.29 MT of food grains, the trains will be loaded with 3.2 MT of food grains. The ministry of Indian railways has decided to run about 25 such train, calling them the Annapoorna Trains. Also, they have decided to join 2 freight trains for faster delivery with more food grains.
Looking at the efforts from Northern Railways, the South-Central Zone has come up with a similar concept called “Jai Kisan” special freight trains. These trains will be responsible for the faster delivery of food grains to different parts of India.

Meanwhile, a normal freight train comprises of about 42 boogies & can hold up to 2600 tonnes of food grains; the new concept will join two freight trains doubling up the capacity of the train. When previously a train could deliver only 2600 tonnes of food grains, it will now be able to carry 5200 tonnes of food grains.

While the initiative has been taken in order to ensure that essential items are delivered to all the needy right in time, the Indian Railways is making sure that it adheres by the sanitization & hygiene requirements.