COVID-19: Indian Railways offer Contactless Cubicles for Doctors

COVID-19: Indian Railways offer Contactless Cubicles for Doctors

Indian Railways has been coming up & front with different measures & ideas to contribute as much as possible in combatting the novel Coronavirus spread in India. After already turning around 20,000 coaches into isolation wards, delivering tonnes of foodgrains & lakhs of meals every day, it has now come up with another offer.

The South-western division (SWR) of the Indian Railways has come up with an innovative offering to ensure they help keep the front-line warriors safe & sound. The SWR has developed “Contactless Cubicles” wherein the doctors can treat COVID-19 affected people without having direct contact with them.

“SWR Hubballi workshop has come out with an innovative idea by creating contactless cubicles so that doctors checking suspected COVID patients do not have direct physical contact with patients. In spite of protocol as per medical guidelines being maintained in hospitals, doctors testing persons who might have been infected with the virus are prone to catch the virus,” an SWR representative was quoted as saying.

In addition to this, the SWR also issued a press release wherein they mentioned about opening a few fever clinics that will be exclusively focused on treating patients with cough, fever & cold.
“Persons suffering from the common cold and upper respiratory tract infection have similar symptoms and it is difficult to differentiate between COVID-19 and other respiratory diseases have the same symptoms. To avoid mixing of patients with these symptoms, other diseases a separate clinic has been established in Railway Hospitals of SWR with a separate team of Doctors, Nurse, Paramedical staff and Pharmacist with Personal Protective Equipment. Fever clinics are also planned to be set up at other locations for diagnosis of COVID -19,” the press release read.

Moreover, they said that after each medical test, the gloves would be changed along with the exterior & interior of the cubicle being sanitized thoroughly. This has been done to ensure that health workers & doctors stay safe from the outbreak.