Amazon Partners with Indian Railways for Faster Deliveries

Amazon Partners with Indian Railways for Faster Deliveries

The e-commerce giant, Amazon, has been delivering essential goods across the globe during the tough times of Coronavirus. Well, in the latest update, Amazon has strengthened its partnership with Indian Railways in order to deliver goods fast amid the lockdown. Moreover, the e-commerce giant has ramped up its operation to 55 lanes from the previous one of 13 lanes.

Previously, Amazon & Indian Railways partnered for inter-city transportation of e-commerce packages n 13 lanes alongside setting up pickup kiosks in the cities of Mumbai & Kolkata.
As a part of the latest collaboration between the two, COVID-19 Parcel Special Trains will be running on 55 lanes to ensure faster delivery of packages from Amazon sellers to customers across the nation during the times of lockdown.

“This enhanced network will enable sellers in Amazon India’s network to ship their products across the country and keep their businesses running, thereby, allowing people to access a more diverse selection of essential products,” the statement regarding the collaboration between Amazon & Indian Railways read.

Presently, the e-commerce companies in India are allowed to sell only essentials which include items like grocery, pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, etc. However, people are urging the government to expand the guidelines of essential items & allow the sale of products that are required for ‘work for home’ and ‘study for home’ initiatives.

The collaboration aims at smoothing & fastening the delivery process across the world & supply essentials to the needy in-time in order to avoid any dire situations in the country.