Top Asian Dramas if You Are Bored with Bollywood

The dramatic look and feel of Indian movies & tv series are enough to get you glued to your tv screens. But if you are someone who likes to experiment with your taste, then, you are one among the millions behind the increased popularity of Chinese or Korean dramas. Here are the top romantic Asian Dramas that you can watch during this quarantine.

1) My Girlfriend is an Alien
My Girlfriend is an Alien
‘My Girlfriend is an Alien’ is a story of Chai Xiaoqi, an alien who gets stuck on earth after rescuing Fang Leng, a patient of rainy weather heterosexual amnesia. It is a romantic comedy between the two leads that is sure to capture your heart with its plot & twists.

2) Put Your Head on My Shoulder
Put Your Head on My Shoulder
It is a story of two absolutely opposite souls who are made to fall in love by destiny. The female lead Si Tu Mo is an accounting undergraduate who has no interest in her field & aspires to work in the creative field. On the other hand, Gu Wei Yi is a science student. This old-school romance is a must watch as per us.

3) Love O20
Love O20
Xiao Nai, the most popular guy at the college and a top player in a virtual online game, falls in love with Bei Weiwei after watching her play online games. He then approaches her to be his wife in the game & thus, begins the online romance between the two, which soon turns into an offline affair. A definition of trust, understanding & support the show is a great watch.

4) Legend of the Blue Sea
Legend of the Blue Sea
A fairy-tale brought to cinematization, the show Legend of the Blue Sea is a story of a mermaid who swims various miles to find the human she fell in love with. A Korean drama filled with suspense, romance, comedy & thrill, this show is sure to take back to your childhood with its perfect mermaid romance story.