Indoor Plants that can Beautify your Living Space

Did you get inspired and decided to pick gardening as a habit during this pandemic? Well, if you did then, we are back with another interesting piece of reading for you. Here’s a list of few indoor plants that can beautify your living space.

1) Succulents and Cactus
Succulents and Cactus
Cactus and succulents are the most common indoor plants as they do not require much of a care. They are capable of holding water in their leaves. They can be kept in rooms, hallways, kitchen, window panes, patios or rooftops.

2) Vegetables and herbs
Vegetables and herbs
Grow your own veggies! It’s creative, and it’s safe. Growing herbs and edible plants in your home not only enhances the decoration of your house but also ensures healthy eating for you and your acquaintances.

3) Flowering Plants
Flowering Plants
Plants covered with big, beautiful flowers of different-different colours are the best options for decorating your house, making it look lively with beautiful colours and fragrances. They can be grown in halls, your patio and your rooftop.

4) Ferns and Creeper
Ferns and Creeper
Generally known as Hanging Plants, ferns and creepers, have a rich green colour, and are very leafy. They can be hung anywhere, including inside the house on the walls or outside the in the patio or rooftops.

5) Foliage Plants
Foliage Plants
The leaves of Foliage plants are very big and attractive, planted indoors in pots they bend very gracefully giving a very elegant, neat and beautiful look to the plant. This species of plants can be used to give a rich ambience to the interiors of your house.