Lock Down 4.0 – what is allowed and what is not

Activity Grn Org Red Cnt
Travel-Air, Metro
Special Trains
Inter-state road movement
Education Institutions
Gyms, Hotel, Cinemas, Malls, Restaurants
Places of worship and large gatherings
Liquor, Cigarette/PanShops
Coming out After 7pm till 7am
Age >65, <10, Pregnent-outgoing
Mediacal Clinic, OPD
Auto, Taxi
4-Wheeler and 2-Wheeler
Essential goods
Stadia, Sports complexes
Inter and Intra-state Bus
Urban Industries
Urban in-situ construction
Standalone shops in urban areas
E-commerce essential goods
E-commerce non-essential goods
Domestic Help
Private and government Offices
Agricultural activities
Banks and Finances
Courier and Postal

Note: Relaxations may vary with respect to States/UTs

Grn:Green, Org:Orange, Cnt:Containment