4 Websites to set your creative soul free

4 Websites to set your creative soul free

The lockdown has surely made life difficult for everyone out there, but just like any other negative this, it too has its own positive side. The quarantine has provided people enough time to follow their passion avidly. Well, if you are a creative artist and looking to unleash the creativity inside you to the world, then, here’s a list of websites where you can publish your work or even sell it to a global audience.

1) Touchtalent
Do you speak with colors or words? Well, Touchtalent appreciates both. A community of art lovers that is an ideal spot for poets and painters. Not only you can connect with art creators from across the world, and the platform even allows you to sell your piece of creativity to people keen on buying it.

2) Behance
Behance was introduced in the year 2006 by Adobe, the leading name when it comes to developing creativity. The platform allows the users to create and accumulate their art pieces at a single platform while giving them the liberty to publicize it a like-minded community.

ISSUU is the fastest growing digital platform when it comes to creating and sharing artwork. Covering a wide array of topics like fashion, lifestyle, global affairs, art, sports, writing, etc. the platform is followed by millions of users. Designed like a magazine, the platform publishes writings of young talent.

4) DeviantART
Recognized as one of the most popular digital platforms, devianART strives to promote different forms of artwork. It works as a global stage for budding professionals who are looking forward to sharing their creative thought among people who would appreciate and improve themselves.