Top 5 Things to Eat in Breakfast for High Energy

Top 5 Things to Eat in Breakfast for High Energy

“Have a King-Sized Breakfast, Lunch like that of a Middle Class and Dine like Poor.” This is a phrase we all are familiar with; the phrase reflects that your breakfast should be the heaviest meal of your day as this is the thing which keeps you energized the whole day. Here are the top 5 high protein sources you should include in your breakfast menu in order to have an energy-packed day ahead.

1) Peanut Butter
Peanut Butter
Peanut butter comprises a rich amount of protein, carbs, and a dense amount of calories which help you to fuel your body, fastening the functioning of both your mind and body. Peanut butter offers a variety of benefits the most popular being weight management.
Protein Content: 25 g per 100 g

2) Eggs
Eggs are yet another energy-packed breakfast food one can have to start his day with a great amount of energy. The yellow center of egg known as Yolk is a rich blend of vital nutrients such as choline, Vitamin A, etc. and it helps you stay energized while controlling your appetite by offering you a feeling of fullness. Moreover, eggs also offer a variety of other benefits such as boosting the immune system, healthy skin, and work as a means of fat burning.
Protein Content: 6 g per 1 large egg (50 g)

3) Quinoa Seeds
Quinoa Seeds
A rich source of high protein, Quinoa seeds belong to the category of those few plant sources which are blended with all the nine essential amino acids, and this is the only reason why it is categorized as a Super Food. Apart from being a rich source of high protein Quinoa seeds are additionally a rich source of high fiber, magnesium, B-vitamins, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and various beneficial antioxidants.
Protein Content: 8 g per 1 cup (cooked)

4) Greek Yogurt
Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt the strained version of simple yogurt while managing its nutritional content. Yogurts are a rich source of good bacteria that are known to help your digestive processes, fastening the pace of your digestion. Moreover, Greek yogurt is known to offer great weight loss and muscle building benefits. Blended with nuts, berries, or other healthy ingredients, this Greek yogurt offers some delicious and healthy muscle building options.
Protein Content: 10 g per 100 g

5) Skim Milk
Skim Milk
Sometimes, old school techniques work the best for you, and in those good old times where people used to face a little fewer health concerns than today, Cereals mixed with milk was the healthiest breakfast. But remember sticking to low sugar cereals and skim milk is the best and healthiest option to have for your breakfast. It offers you a rich amount of proteins to kick start your day.
Protein Content: 8 g per 1 glass (8 ounces)