No More Shramik Special Trains from Delhi

No More Shramik Special Trains from Delhi

In a bid to help stranded migrants, devotees, students and laborers in different parts of the world, the Indian Railways started Shramik Special Trains on May 1. However, the Ministry has now decided to put a hold on Shramik Special Trains running from Delhi.

An official source from Railway Ministry has informed that there the state government of Delhi is not pushing any demands to run Shramik Special trains. Thus, the Ministry has decided to revoke the services of Shramik Special trains running from Delhi.

The official further mentioned that if there are any requests of running these Shramik Special Trains raised by the Delhi government in the future, then, the Ministry is all ready to begin services again. As per the reports, the last Shramik Special Train was run from Delhi on May 31. The trains were run from Delhi’s Anand Vihar to Bihar’s Purnia and from Delhi’s Hazrat Nizamuddin to Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh.

No Shramik Special trains have been run by the Delhi government in June, looking at which the Ministry has pulled-back its services.

A total of 4155 Sharamik Special Trains were run across the nation from May 1 till now which included 242 trains originating from Delhi to various stations. Out of the s242, Shramik Special Trains ran from Delhi, 101 trains were destined to Uttar Pradesh while 111 trains were headed to Bihar.