Indian Railways Issue New Rules for Filling of Reservation Forms; Know Here

The Indian Railways has gotten back into business while focusing on maintaining cleanliness, hygienic conditions, and preventing the spread of COVID-19. After adopting various measures like thermal screening, testing, and routine cleaning, the railway authorities have now updated the reservation rules.

The focus of new reservation form rules is to gather as much as information possible from the passengers prior to booking tickets. The changes introduced in the reservation form will be applicable both to online booking as well as over the counter bookings of train tickets.

As per the newly introduced rules, the passengers booking tickets will now be required to fill full destination address including the city, district, state, postcode, and address. Apart from this, the passengers will be required to entire the full name of the passenger while booking the tickets. Writing full name was already a mandate for over the counter booking, but now it has been made necessary for online bookings too.

The new norms have been brought into practice in order to facilitate easy tracking and tracking of passengers once they reach the destination. This shall play a major role in ensuring that the passengers are abiding by the quarantine guidelines as specified by different states.