No TTEs in Trains; Railway Ministry Receives Proposals from Zonal Railways

No TTEs in Trains; Railway Ministry Receives Proposals from Zonal Railways

Ever since the services from Indian Railways got back on track, the authorities seem to have been introducing plenty of changes in order to maintain hygiene and safety of passengers while streamlining the services. In a recent such incident, the authorities have received various proposals from zonal railways for streamlining the services, including the elimination of TTE staff.

The Indian Railways is looking forward to streamlining its operations by training and deploying staff for multi-tasking. The suggestions proposed by zonal railways for the purpose include no printing of tickets, station masters doubling up as signal maintainers, RPF staff, and onboard technicians working to check tickets of passengers.

“No ticket printing should be undertaken on the lines of airlines. Passengers should be permitted to show their tickets on mobiles or get them printed on a self-ticket printing machine on the lines of the self-printing boarding pass at airports,” one of the proposals said.

“Technicians be utilized for checking tickets and maintenance of coaches… retiring room attendants and waiting room attendants can be merged,” it said.

Another proposal suggests merging of junior and mid-level jobs

“The proposal also calls for merging the four categories of housekeeping assistants — medical, commercial, environment and housekeeping and carriage and wagon departments. While different persons look after waiting rooms and retiring rooms, officials said these two jobs can be merged into one in less busy stations,” the report said.