Karnataka Government Modifies Travel Rules to Handle Increasing COVID-19 Cases

Karnataka Government Modifies Travel Rules to Handle Increasing COVID-19 Cases

The Karnataka-state government has reportedly modified its travel rules in the wake of increasing COVID-19 cases in the state. The modified rules were announced on Monday in a special meeting held by Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa with all the senior officials.

The change of norms primarily affects the pre-decided quarantine period for passengers coming from various parts of the nation. Previously, as per the state travel advisory for passengers, people coming from Mumbai were bound to a 7-day institutional quarantine; however, now the policy has been implied to passengers coming from Chennai and Delhi as well.

Now, as per the new norms of the travel in the state of Karnataka, passengers coming from Chennai will be subjected to a 7-day institutional quarantine followed by a 7-day home quarantine. On the other hand, for passengers coming from the national capital, Delhi, it will be a 3-day institutional quarantine, followed by 11-day home quarantine.

Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa said, “It is because of people who are coming from outside that we are seeing a rise in cases. Not because of local people.”

He further said, “In the coming days, we are expecting a rise in cases. Hence, whatever steps are required. We are taking it,” while also adding, “We have also decided to organize a ‘Mask Awareness Day’ on Thursday – 18th June. It will be organized across the state – even at Taluk Panchayat levels. Film stars and sportspersons have also been roped in for the campaign.”

Karnataka has reported a total of 7000 positive cases wherein around 4386 cases were identified as people who came from Maharashtra, 87 from Delhi, 67 from Chennai, 62 from Gujarat, and 116 from abroad. Moreover, 1340 positive cases were identified as the people who came in contact with the Maharashtra returnees.