Railways to Insulate Roof in Deployed Isolation Coaches

Railways to Insulate Roof in Deployed Isolation Coaches

The Indian Railways has decided to insulate the roofs of isolation coaches deployed in high-temperature areas in order to make them comfortable and cooler for the patients. The isolation coaches will act as COIVD-19 care centres for patients.

A total of 204 isolation coaches have been deployed across four states of the nation. The train coaches chosen to be isolation centres are non-ac coaches and have been deployed in order to meet the increasing demand for beds in the wake of rapidly increasing numbers of coronavirus patients in India.
¨In areas where the temperature is too high, roof insulation can be provided to bring down the temperature inside the coaches,” said Railway Board Chairman VK Yadav.

At present, the four nations that have demanded isolation coaches from the Indian Railways to meet the increased requirement of beds for COVID-19 patients include the likes of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana. Different state governments have been asked to share requirements for isolation coaches, and the Indian Railways shall deploy coaches as & when required.

Adding to his statement of providing comfort to patients seeking treatment in isolation coaches deployed by Indian Railways across various nations, Yadav even mentioned that states should ensure that the demand for COVID-19 care centres is only placed when the health infrastructure of the state is exhausted due to the sudden spike.

Talking about the developments of services provided by Indian Railways, Yadav said that the railways have efficiently transported more than 60 lakh migrants to their home with 222 Shramik Expresses running across the nation.