Indian Railways to Give Full-refund for Tickets Booked Before Mid-April

The Indian Railways has recently announced to refund full-fare amount for regular schedule train tickets booked on or before April 14. In the announcement, the national transporter mentioned to soon begin with the refund process.

The news was announced over the official Twitter handle of Ministry of Railways. The authorities tweeted, “Ministry of Railways has decided that all train tickets booked on or prior to April 14 for regular time-tabled trains should be cancelled and full refunds generated.”

The initiative has been undertaken after the transporter had cancelled all the passenger, mail and express train tickets booked till June 30 other than the tickets for Shramik Special Train.

How to claim the refund?
• Any tickets booked through the ConfirmTKT app or any other online mode of booking shall be refunded automatically. The amount is to be credited to the source account.
• For tickets booked through PRS counters, passengers can file TDR within six months of the booked journey date & submit the TDR form to chief claim officer/ CCM Refund’s office within 60 days of filling. The amount will be credited after mandatory verification.
• Passengers who have had already cancelled their tickets for any journey period starting from March 21, 2020, are also eligible for raising refund request on the cancellation fee charged. Such passengers can write an application addressed to the offices of chief claim officers (CCO) or chief commercial manager/ refund (CCM-Refund) of concerned zonal railway headquarters within 6 months of the scheduled departure date.