No Trains Cancelled, clarifies Indian Railways

No Trains Cancelled, clarifies Indian Railways

The reports of regular trains till August 12, 2020, being canceled by Indian Railways have been doing rounds on the internet. While the reports raised various speculations, the authorities came forward to clarify the news as a hoax.

In an official statement released by Indian Railways, it mentioned no such decision regarding further cancellation of trains had been taken.

“There is no blanket order ruling out running of more trains till August 12,” the Railway Ministry said in a statement.

“We have only enabled refunds for trains that are not being operated and for which tickets were booked prior to the lockdown and up to April 14, 2020,” it further stated.

Additionally, it said, “No trains which are presently operational have been canceled. The special trains will continue to run. As far as the running of more trains is concerned, all will be informed and bookings will be done as and when a decision is taken about them.”

The viral reports on the internet and in media mentioned that in the wake of a spike in coronavirus cases, the Indian Railways has decided to cancel all the regular trains running till August 12, citing an unnamed source.