Cut in Halts & Trains Possible with New Indian Railways Timetable

The Indian Railways has currently suspended all the passenger train services in the nation till August 12 as a preventive measure against the rapidly spreading COVID-19 pandemic. However, as per recent reports, it is believed that train services may not remain the same as they were before the pandemic.

According to the buzzing reports doing rounds in the media, the national transporter is planning upon developing a ‘zero-based’ timetable for all the trains. Creating a zero-based timetable means starting from scratch which is developing a new timetable for all the trains, giving the flexibility to Indian Railways to reduce the number of trains running between stations, number of halts, etc.

Earlier this week, V.K. Yadav, Railways Board Chairman, was found to be mentioned that the plan to develop & implement the new timetable has been postponed, but it will surely be implemented.

The initiative is being undertaken as a part of fastening up the pace of Indian Railways. With lesser halts, the trains will be able to run for a longer time & distances. Seeking applications from private firms for 151 trains will also be a part of the zero-based program.