What to Expect from Private Trains to be introduced by Indian Railways?

The Indian railways are on a spree to better the services provided alongside generating job opportunities for the workforce in the country. In a recent step, the national transporter invited applications & bids from private firms to run private passenger trains in the country. With the increasing talks about private trains, everyone is left wondering about the features to be offered. Here’s a list of things you can expect from the private trains:

Flexibility to Choose Seats
The passengers traveling on these trains will be given the opportunity to choose their preferred seat just like in airways. The people will be able to make a choice of seats at the time of booking itself.

More number of coaches
The private passenger trains that are scheduled to run for improving the demand-supply relation of passenger & train services will each have a minimum of 16 coaches. However, the maximum number of coaches cannot exceed the number of coaches in the longest passenger train running on that particular route.

Enhanced Transit Time
The running time for each private passenger train shall be similar to the fastest Indian Railways train running on a particular route. The maximum speed limit decided for these trains is 160 kmph.

Better Safety & Security
The primary objective of these trains is better security & safety of passengers. The private firms will be responsible for training the crew and ensuring high levels of safety for the passengers.