Top Train Themed Restaurants in India

For the people among us who are hopelessly in love with the design, interior, and feel of trains, people around the nation have been taking various steps to keep that love alive. One of the key initiatives undertaken in the operation of train-themed restaurants across the nation. Now, you can dine in with amazing as well as the exciting ambiance of trains at these eateries. Here’s the list of top train-themed restaurants in India.


A restored steam train attached to a Victorian-style station can make any evening perfect. The restaurant is situated in Jaipur, Rajasthan, and is a part of Taj Rambagh Palace, the renowned hospitality chain. The ambiance is perfect for a train standing at a station, taking you to the good old times of steam trains.

Platform 65

Another major attraction in the city of Nizams, Hyderabad, Platform 65 should be only every train lover’s list. An adopted concept from Germany, the restaurant is known to have the highest number of trains & longest rail tracks among restaurants. You can find miniature locomotives running on your tables, delivering your food.


Another train-themed restaurant situated in Jaipur that shares a bit of similarity with the Platform 65 of Hyderabad. Working on a similar model of preparing food in the kitchen & delivering it to the tables of the customer through miniature locomotives, the restaurant offers top-notch environment train-themed interiors.


A popular eatery in Delhi which has various stopovers in & around Delhi. Imly is a perfect destination for people who are in love with trains as well as food. With exteriors designed like that of a locomotive engine, the interiors are super-cool & vibrant.
If you are crazy about train & train journeys as well as food, then these stations are definitely for you. Visit one whenever you get a chance to.