Two NFR trains to use HOG technology; save electricity bills

The Indian Railways’ NFR is planning on running two of its trains on the Head on Generation (HOG) technology in a bid to save on the electricity bills. The two trains that are p0planned to receive the technology are 05956 Delhi – Dibrugarh Brahmaputra Mail Spl and 02502 New Delhi – Agartala Rajdhani Spl that run-up to New Jalpaiguri.

The Indian Railways has planned to keep the generators of both the trains to be shut and a load of electrical equipment like ac, fans, lights will be taken care of from the electrical locomotive engine running on electric traction. The act will save a lot of diesel during the journey, bringing in profits for the railways.

According to a statement by the NFR, ” The new technology will not only help to reduce the power costs for running trains but will also help provide a cleaner environment for our future generations to come. The diesel fuel saving in these two trains on this account is expected to be around 1132 Kilo Litre per annum, thereby saving diesel fuel cost of approx. Rs. 7.16 crore per annum.”

The new HOG technology will cost about ₹6 per unit, which is a lot cheaper than EOG that costs the national transporter somewhere about ₹22 per unit.