6,000 ‘unremunerative’ stoppages to be shed as Railways prepare Zero-based Timetable

The Indian Railways is planning on implementing a zero-based timetable for trains running across the nation. With the development of a new time table, the national transporter is looking at dropping about 6000 stoppages on regular train service routes.

The development and deployment of a Xero-based time table come as a measure of offering efficient and effective services to the passengers.

According to reports, the Indian railways have already completed the work of creating a new timetable with the help of IIT-Mumbai. As per the new time-table, a stoppage will be considered efficient if around 50 people are embarking and disembarking at the particular stop in a day. Based out on this criterion, about 6000 stops have been identified as unnecessary and shall be shed.

While the Chairman of Railways Board, VK Yadav, did not reveal many details about the project, he hinted that the project will be focused on creating different routes for passenger and goods trains as well as ensuring separate dedicated tie slots for repairing of railway tracks.

“We would have implemented the timetable now because of the Covid-19 situation we could not do it. It will happen when we are able to resume normal train services,” Yadav said.