No Additional Trains to be Operated: Railways

Witnessing about 75% occupancy in the Special trains being run by the Indian Railways, the authorities have decided to hold the running of additional passenger trains for the time being. The decision has been taken considering the fact that the special trains are able to meet passenger demands during the COVID-19 pandemic times.

“Right now, we are monitoring it (booking pattern) and we don’t feel that there is any necessity to run additional trains because, as I mentioned, there are only 58 trains with waitlists,” Yadav told reporters in a virtual briefing.

While talking about the occupancy in the special trains, Prasad mentioned that 224 trains are running 75% occupancy while 6 trains have been canceled on government requests. He further mentioned that the number of trains can be increased on particular routes if the demand picks up.

“Wherever we feel that on a certain route there is a long waiting list and people are not getting tickets for the next 10-15 days, then certainly we will add more trains,” Yadav said. “But at this point in time, the most important thing for everyone is to see that the spread of Covid-19 is arrested.”