How to Check Train Running Status with ConfirmTkt?

As the name suggests, the term train running status can be defined as the process of tracking a particular train of Indian Railways in real-time. The concept is used to check where the train has reached, what stop has it passed, how long ago it was when the train passed the last stop, what is the next stoppage of the train & when shall the train be arriving.

The live train status or the train running status is considered to be a useful feature by the passenger as it helps them to track the train in real-time in case of delay.

We at ConfirmTkt, are inclined towards making things easier for the passengers. The ConfirmTkt app & web, apart from offering ticket booking services, PNR statuses, bus ticket bookings, etc., offer live train status. Read to know how to check live train status with ConfirmTkt.

How to check live train status with ConfirmTkt?
• Login to the platform, you can use both app and web.
• Select the ‘Train Running Status’ from the options available on the Home screen tab
• In the next opened window, enter train name or number
• Select the train for which you want to check the live status from the drop-down menu
• Enter the station name in regard to which you need to see the live status of the train

Why choose ConfirmTkt for checking live train status?
There are various reasons that can be mentioned, but the very important ones are:
• We offer precise real-time updates
• We show both stoppable as well as non-stoppable stations of the train
• You can customize your search to a particular station rather than going through the entire journey chart
• Train status is updated every once in a while
• Easy to use and access

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