Railways Bicycles to Inspect Rail Tracks

The Indian railways are looking forward to innovating the services provided to the passengers in order to enhance the comfort levels. While the focus is not only to improve the quality of services but also to improve inspection and implementation of things.

In a recent bid, the Indian Railways has introduced a project called Rail Bicycle to inspect the position and condition of Rail Tracks. Recently, the Indian Railways created world history by recording 0 casualties or rail accidents. Thus, the national transporter is now looking at keeping up with the pace.

Railway tracks are looked upon as difficult to be covered or moved on and in case of emergencies any sort of delay due to any reason can turn out to be hazardous. Therefore, rail bicycles. These shall help inspectors to reach the desired area in-time and lead to on-time repairs.

The news was shared by Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways, Commerce, and Industry, through his official Twitter account. “Railways introduces Rail Bicycle – a novel mechanism to quickly travel on rail tracks for inspections, monitoring & urgent repairs. Simple innovation ensuring passenger security,” he wrote on Twitter.