Indian railways launch real-time monitoring app

Train delays have been a major problem for passengers traveling with Indian railways every since. Thus, in a bid to address the loopholes and improvise the services, the national transporter has come up with an innovative solution called OHE inspection. It is an application that will help the railway personnel to quickly detect defects and fix technical snags.

As per the Railway Ministry, “the OHE Inspection app will capture in real-time OHE (Overhead Equipment) defects and send out quick alerts. It has been launched across the country and has features such as GPS tracking of patrolman, real-time capturing of OHE defects and clicking photographs.”

The national transporter saying, “First time ever in the history of Indian Railways, 100% punctuality of trains achieved, with all trains on time. Previous best was 99.54% on 23.06.2020 with one train getting delayed.”

The news comes a month after Indian railways created a 100% punctuality feat. The national transporter is significantly aligned towards bettering the services offered to the passengers while achieving new milestones in the industry.

Indian railways have been a major player in India’s fight against COVID-19 pandemic, from delivering food grains to helping migrants reach home. Currently, regular passenger train services are suspended and only 200 special trains are being run across the nation.