Indian Railways Suspend All Regular Train Services Indefinitely

Looking at the current COVID-19 situation in the country, the national transporter, Indian Railways has announced to suspended all regular train services till further notice. However, the notice announcement will not impact the 230 special trains currently running.

“This is to bring to the notice of all concerned that as decided and informed earlier as well, regular passenger and suburban train services will continue to remain suspended till further notice,” a statement from the Railways said.

“It may be noted that 230 Special Trains, which are running at present, will continue to operate. Local trains in Mumbai, which are presently being run on a limited basis only on the requisition of state government, will also continue to run,” it said.

While talking about the running status of the special trains, the national transporter mentioned that the occupancy is being monitored on a continuous basis and the number can be altered on the basis of the requirement.

Earlier, the Indian Railways had suspended all the train services till August 12; however, now it has announced a suspension for an indefinite time period. Concerning the suspension, it is estimated that it will bring about a ₹40,000 crore loss to the national transporter in terms of its passenger business.