Indian Railways launch single all India helpline number “139” for Freight and Parcel Queries

The Indian Railways has come up with a single all India Helping number, “139,” going by the name of RailMadad for all sorts of freight and parcel queries. The RailMadad service from the national transporter will allow people across the nation to avail as much as 6 options for freight and parcel queries.

The news was made public by the Railway Ministry on Friday, which mentioned the undertaking of the initiative to be a part of the ongoing thrust on promoting freight and parcel traffic.
Apart from the introduction of the service, the national transporter is focused on the conduction of study on the nearly 4,000 km-long dedicated freight corridors to connect industrial areas in the eastern and western parts of the country.

Sharing the details of the new dedicated freight corridors, Yadav said, “The survey work for the four new corridors has started and it will be completed by 2021, while the construction of these new corridors is expected to be completed by 2030.”

These corridors being developed and studied presently will be focused on providing connectivity to Paradeep, Dhamra, Gopalpur ports in Odisha, and Vishakhapatnam, Gangavaram, Kakinada, Krishnapatnam and Machhalipatanam ports in Andhra Pradesh. The initiative is being undertaken to ensure a faster movement of goods as well as enhancing the carrier capacity in the over-saturated sections of the railway network.