New ‘Clone Train’ Scheme to Ease things for Travellers In Waiting List

The Indian Railways is very much focused on offering better services to the passengers. In one such significant development, the national transporter is planning to introduce a new Clone Train scheme that shall be inclined at making things easier for travelers in the Waiting List.

As a part of the new clone train scheme, the Indian Railways will be looking forward to operating an alternate train for passengers having waitlisted tickets. However, the clone train shall only run when there is a substantial number of passengers on the Waiting list.

“Wherever there is a demand for a particular train, wherever the waiting list is long, we will run a clone train ahead of the actual train so that passengers can travel,” Railway Board chairperson VK Yadav said while addressing a press conference.

“Railways will monitor all the trains that are currently in operation to determine which trains have a long waiting list,” Yadav said.

The clone train is said to bear the same number as the original train. However, it will halt at fewer stops than the original train and will run ahead of the original train. Moreover, the trains will be mostly 3AC trains. The concept is expected to be introduced in 15 days.