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Begging and Smoking might be Decriminalized Soon

The Indian Railways is preparing to decriminalize acts including begging and smoking on stations as well as trains soon. As per the new proposal, the fine & jail terms for begging in train coaches and on stations will not be done away. However, higher penalties will be imposed on smoking offenses. “No person shall be […]

Railways to start 80 New Trains, Check Full List here

After running a limited number of trains across the nations, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as well as allow passengers to reach their home safely, the Indian Railways is all set to run 80 new trains. The trains will begin on September 12, as announced by the officials of the Indian Railways. […]

Indian Railways Might Introduce 100 More Trains amid Unlock 4.0

As the government announces guidelines for Unlock 4.0, the Indian Railway gears up for introducing as many as 100 more trains. The Ministry of Railways on Tuesday announced that it is planning to introduce more trains for the passengers to help them reach their homes during the present times of the pandemic. “More special trains […]

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